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Body Wisdom

In developing CREATE A STORY, I have come to understand and appreciate how important our bodies are in all we do and become. In a very big way, they hold our stories, encoded in every cell, as well as all memories, joyful and painful. To actualize one’s potential in the most creative way possible, therapeutic bodywork and art making can offer invaluable resources that will enhance the process of healing and coming home to self. Becoming fully present in the body is demanded when one chooses to follow what has heart and meaning. Presence is required to actualize the goals and visions discovered deep in the core. The trinity of the mind, body, and spirit, when deeply connected, holds a mystical key to becoming conscious, creative, and whole.

Many great pioneers in the field of psychotherapy have long noted the importance of the soma in understanding ourselves. The body does indeed have wisdom that can offer timely guidance and assistance during periods of transition and change often encountered on the journey of life. But to access this instinctive well of intuition and deep knowing, one must slow down and drop down into the “felt sense” of one’s being. Inquiries that support this process include asking relevant questions, such as: how does your body respond to this suggestion/choice/decision? What part of the body appears to be holding the pain? If there were words to express this sensation, what would they be? How would this visitor want to express themselves in movement? This type of dialogue opens the door to the landscape of the inner wise guide and can enhance the understanding and awareness demanded when interfacing with transformative challenges and opportunities.

Bodywork Sessions

Therapeutic Touch & Energy Session

Age: Adult
Length: One-Hour Session
During this session, the client and therapist will work with image and symbol, integrating the client’s mythos with deeper understanding, using the polarity techniques taught by Dr. Stone, as well as various chakra balancing techniques. This session will increase the client’s sense of renewal and well-being. This is a wonderful opportunity to relax, slow down, and hear one’s story.

Artful Bodywork for the Young Weaver

Age: 7-18 Years
Length: Half-Hour Sessions
The client and therapist work as a team using animal mythology and story, creating a relaxing session using both polarity and energy techniques. This session will help support and integrate the child’s daily life experience in a deep way.

Artful Infant Massage

Age: Infant-6 Years
Length: Two One-Hour Sessions
The parent will be taught basic infant and child massage techniques in two private sessions. Ms. Raphael will also help focus attention on developing the ability to be ”present,” a very important and necessary skill in becoming a more conscious parent in today’s world.