Eagle And Crow Painting

Art Sessions

Ancient indigenous traditions hold the poetic belief that a soul’s story is often woven with the rich threads of fate and destiny, then colored with the deep dyes of ancestral narratives, memories, forgotten and unspoken secrets, gifts, talents, and unlived promises. It is the ancestors themselves who sing this woven tapestry into the mystically arranged bones of the courageous one to be born, the one who has again promised to remember to live the story of this ancestral numinous familial cloth. But as the soul enters human life, the promise is fated to be buried. As travelers of fate, the numinous world blesses all with sacred visitations, bringing each home to themselves if only for a moment, to the place between worlds, where stories are born and destinies are whispered into the open heart; please be the one to break the harmful family patterns, please be the one. Born into this mythic ancestral fabric, children begin their journeys only to sense the secrets and unlived yearnings of their beloved caretakers. Unfortunately, many a child will come to realize the necessity of remaining silent concerning these family shadows, thereby honoring the rules of secrecy, regardless of what one sees or knows to be true. Such heart-breaking silence earns the longing for approval, love, and in the homes of more violent stories, life itself is the prize. But always, the silent voice of the numinous world is calling, filling ordinary lives with the grace of timelessness, especially during such transforming moments as falling in love or the birth of a child. In more grave visitations, the often silent companion of death knocks, calling those once loved home. When traveling these darker and solitary roads, the heart breaks open as grief and loss are permitted to fertilize a more soul-filled landscape, inviting what has been forgotten to be remembered through embracing the wound that seems to not heal. It is the relentless pain that holds the promise of transformation. It is this open wound that often brings the tired journeyer to seek help as they heed the call of the soul. Again and again, it is echoed that something deep inside seems terribly wrong. This overwhelming and painful sense of brokenness initiates the struggle and yearning to return home.

Life has many offerings. Untangling the threads of personal experience can often open pathways into more life-enhancing landscapes. Creative expression through the vehicle of art making can help secure the search for self. In utilizing the tools of journey work, meditation, the four universal healing salves, color, free association, oracle, and mandala drawings, the medicinal gathering begins. Through such compassionate inquiry, our true narrative is born.

The language of the inner world or inner reality is quite different from the language of the outer world. This deep part speaks in myth, metaphor, image, and symbol. This type of language brings messages from the core self. In honoring our story, we honor ourselves. The work of creating Sacred Art is very transformational and healing. Through this process, one comes to know themselves in a new way. This work ignites the imagination, building our confidence in hearing and embracing the innate wisdom of the body, heart, and mind, the inner “Wise Guide.” Such investigation can be very helpful during times of transition. Often during the journey through life, one must stop and take another look or a new look at themselves. Change demands this, and art making offers a very important source of inspiration and renewal when traveling these unknown landscapes.